1- Chăm tower is a product of the inorganic polymerization.

Chăm towers is a product of labor by drawing from the experience of the ancestors, but construction method have been lost.

Modern science has taken the sign of current as the key to open mysteriousness of the past secrets. Scientists around the word have demonstrated that: clay can be polymerization. Process of this polymer is essentially aluminosilicate minerals which gradually turned into a magnet poles for both positive and negative, their size is the same nano – sized, so we can attract on each other and should be easy because of universal energy. Polymerization occurs slowly but steadily.

Chăm is a product of the polymerization from the clay. Accidentally by an experience, the ancestor had built the tower in a rudimentary method (because science and technology has not developed that time). The relics were showed that persisting of material by inorganic polymer.


2- Ability of modern science.

            Our duty have restored the damage of Chăm towers caused by time: task is rebuilding the damaged tower. There is a problem how do you distinguish the new and old? These old relics reveals their substance is of clay bricks. The cementation bricks ingot are also bound together with clay. So what made cementation?

            With techniques and modern technology of American and European, scientists had synthesized the inorganic composite, from the organic polymer bearing properties and subject to harsh weather. For example, for soil in place, they can use them as a runway for civil aircraft, to safely use. They can change clay rocks from the normal without burning in fire. Vietnamese has done so or not?

            Appearance simultaneously with the work of the professor of rock in the world famous as Plattfort (Belgium), Davidovits (French), Wallah and Rangan (Australia), professors Trần Kim Thạch (the University of Natural Science Ho Chi Minh City) has been successful in the study of fossil. He discovered a polymer crystals of different which have the ability to connect together. Like Plattfort, polymers are used from available resources and material connected with the negative and positive materials linked together by force from the nano level, the formula is basic: P=f(M+m)tnp. Where P is the polymerization, m is the negative material, m is the positive material, t is also mixed, n is compressed, p is dry.


3- Method restored the Chăm tower

            We could take rebuilding the Chăm tower was damaged better quality than formerly by inorganic polymer technology from clay in place basic on principles polymerization of process Trần Kim Thạch and other scientist.

            Author has successfully searched a clay cement. Cement consists two components: laitance made from paste clay, water is admixture phase. Using just mix two components, add water and execute as cement ordinary. Cost price 1 kg of soil cement price change from 800-1600 dong. Firm cement, forming a kind of un – roasted concrete with Mac>20MPa. Hardness is too hard enough to built a large project. Technology which we ensure that restoration of Chăm tower damaged could take rebuilding past perfect, because it is rebuilt itself, no use cement or adhesive organic information. Because portland cement age is long – term.



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